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Kimmy Dora and the Temple of the Kiyeme

If you were able to watched the prequel of this movie Kimmy Dora, I'm sure you'll likewise enjoy this movie of Eugene Domingo "Kimmy Dora and the Temple of the Kiyeme".

Kimmy and Dora (both played by the witty Eugene Domingo) are identical twins with opposite personalities. Kimmy is a business genius, dictatorial type while Dora is dumb but emotinally smart sister.

The film focused before the birth of Kimmy and Dora. Shot in Korea, it started with the supposedly pre-arranged wedding of their father Don Luisito Go Dong Hae played by Ariel Ureta to Korean Sang Kang Kang played by the sexy Alodia Gosiengfiao. Don Luisito Go Dong Hae refused to marry and chose Kimmy and Dora’s mother as his wife.

Fast forward to the present time, a ghost suddenly appeared in their family which they later found out that it was Sang Kang Kang. They then had to fly all the way to South Korea to settle things out. As Kimmy and Dora accepts the proposals of their boyfriends played by Zanjoe Marudo and Dingdong Dantes, strange things began to happen putting their boyfriends and father in a comatose condition.

Sang Kang Kang is back for revenge, and Kimmy and Dora will try every possible solution to fight against the ghost of Sang Kang Kang.

How did it end? Watch the movie! Check Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kiyeme Full trailer here->

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