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Kaye Abad Looked Old in FHM June 2012 Issue

Kaye Abad on FHM June 2012 Issue.

Did Kaye Abad really grow that old or was it the too much editing that FHM is known for?

Well, we all know that Kaye Abad really changed a lot since "Tabing Ilog" days but from the last time I saw her on TV, which is not too long ago, she doesn't look like this (on the picture).

The first time I saw this FHM June 2012 cover, I was like, who is she? And I was quick on searching the name below. And I can't fully relate the photo to the Kaye Abad I know and admire from way back before.

I think FHM should do a better job not to photo-chop much of the original features of Pinay Celebrities that we admire.

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