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Denise Laurel Gave Birth - So Rumors Were True After All

Some months ago, Denise Laurel's exit from 'Kristine' created a buzz that the actress is indeed pregnant. [see story here]

After 9 months, Denise appeared in an interview with Boy Abunda in "The Buzz" and she admitted that she indeed gave birth to a baby boy. She refused to name the father. But looking back from the previous story some 9 months ago, it was a PBA Player named Diamon Simpson.

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After keeping her silence during her rumored pregnancy last year, Denise Laurel finally admitted that she gave birth to a boy.

Her rumored pregnancy created a buzz when Denise suddenly dropped out of the TV series ‘Kristine.’ In an interview with ‘The Buzz’ yesterday, Denise admitted that she first thought of her family when she found out she’s pregnant. Since hers is a strict family, Denise didn’t know how her loved ones would react to her pregnancy.

“The first thing that came to my mind was my family. 'Yun naman ang parati kong unang iniisip eh, my family comes first. I come from a very strict family, very conservative and I’m already pushing the envelope (in) being an artista and choosing the roles that I choose. So I was thinking how they would react,” Denise told host Boy Abunda.

Family support

She admitted that her family was disappointed when they learned of her pregnancy, but they also warmly accepted her.

“I thought they would kick me out of the house. I thought they would be very angry but not once did they raise their voice. They’re very disappointed, but they talked to me. They asked me if I loved the father and if I’m ready for this,” Denise recalled.

The young actress is thankful for the love and support her family gave her in her trying moments.

“Balik-baliktarin mo man ang mundo, ang pamilya mo nandyan para sa ‘yo. My family has always been there for me.

“Never-ending love. Not even thank you is enough. They love my so much and I’m just so thankful that I have people in my life like them because they have shown me what it is to love,” Denise recounted through tears.

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