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Andi Eigenmann is not Worried About her Pregnancy

Base on The Buzz, Andi Eigenmann is very positive about her pregnancy, and all of her family is very supportive. Maxine Eigenmann (Andi's sister) said "makakaya ni Andi ang pagsubok dahil isa siya sa mga pinakamatapang na taong kilala ko. She has her family, my dad, her mom, ilan kaming magkakapatid, we’re all supportive about it."
“It just feels amazing how all of you are here for me. Just goes to say that I don’t need to worry about needing someone.” -Andi Eigenmann status in her facebook account
This are some latest photos of sexy-beauty Andi Eigenmann before the pregnancy issue. The Ramp Crossings' 2011 Summer Collection.

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