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Shalani - TV's Newest Darling

From being the ex-future first lady to TV's newest darling, Shalani Soledad made a big leap from an all reserved political public figure to a tv mainstay. A lot of people including me were caught off guard when press people released that Shalani and Pnoy already parted ways. And yet, a lot more were surprised to see Shalani as a host of Willie Revillame's Willing Willie on TV5.

Was it a form or revenge or just moving on? A question only Shalani can answer. But seeing her on the set of Willing Willie every night, Shalani sure is trying something new for herself.

More Shalani Soledad photos inside ->

Shalani Soledad photos

Shalani Soledad pictures
Shalani Soledad

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