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John Lloyd and Shain Magdayao Hospital Scandal Not True According to Boy Abunda

There has been some rumors spreading these past few days involving celebrity sweethearts John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao in the so called John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao Hospital Scandal.

According to the site:

Per unverified sources, Shaina Magdayao suffered from vaginal captivus, an occurrence wherein the vaginal opening of a woman closes, perhaps due to fatigue. Anonymous people claim that John Lloyd and Shaina were having sex in the latter’s house. At the climax of their tryst, Shaina’s vaginal opening apparently locked while John Lloyd’s genital was inside it.
The two allegedly tried to remedy the situation but to no avail. What they did was to cover themselves with a blanket and rush to the St. Luke’s Medical Center.
However, Boy Abunda was quick to comment that these malicious rumors are in no way true to its nature.

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