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Hot KC Concepcion Photos on the KC Show

Kc Concepcion recently guested (is there such a word) in the KC Montero Radio show. I dunno where this is, but looks like I never heard this in the Phils. - like we care so much. What captures our attention is the sexy look of Kc Concepcion during the show.

Here's the funny thing. After these photos were posted in FAD, these 3 photos suddenly disappeared from the set in the KC Montero Show Facebook account. Why? Do they find it too revealing that it catches the male population's attention? But lucky you, coz you can see them here.

Update -> Magic Liwanag sent us an email claiming ownership of the photos and requested them to be taken down from the site. Just check the whole set in this Facebook Account.

More sexy Kc Concepcion photos inside ->

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