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Angeli-copter / Angelicopter (Photos) on Magic 89.9 Temporary Replacement for Grace Lee

agic 89.9 guest dj Angelica aka Angeli-copter / Angelicopter.

I was listening to Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee this morning and was a little surprised that Grace Lee wasn't on board due to an injury. Instead it was a girl they called Angeli-copter. At first I thought, maybe just a dj from other time slot. But when Mo started to describe her, stands 5'7, thin and looks like Andi Manzano and Stella Ruiz, I got a little intrigued.

And what's more interesting is where she got her name Angelicopter. According to Mo, she once called the show saying if her husband opens the car door for her, he'd surely get a helicopter'. Yes, we're talking of 'that' specific position.

I was so intrigued that I searched this Angelicopter photos so that you may also relate. She's hot, I must say. But sadly, already married with child. MILF!

Name: Angelika Schmeing-Cruz

Twitter: @a_schmeing

Height: 5'7 (no heels) Age: 26

Occupation: Head of Strategic Marketing, Land Rover Philippines.

College: University of Asia and Pacific (Political Economy/Int'l Relations)

3 more photos of Angeli-copter / Angelicopter inside ->

Angelicopter photo

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