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Angelica Panganiban as Rubi

Angelica Panganiban plays Rubi in the newest telenovela "Rubi" on Kapamilya network . Looking at these Angelica Panganiban photos, I can' t help but admire at how classy she looks like. Very prim and intimidating. Lucky Derek.

Here's an excerpt from the official site.

Angelica Panganiban as Rubi Delgado - Rubi is the type who will do whatever it takes in order to be rich and famous. For that to happen, she befriends an unsuspecting classmate who comes from a well-off family and uses that connection to achieve her evil schemes. What happens though when she discovers that the good life she has always dreamt of is not as rewarding as being with the person who truly owns her heart?
9 more Angelica Panganiban as Rubi pictures inside ->

Angelica Panganiban as Rubi

Rubi Delgado

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