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Cristine Reyes Sexiest Pinay Celebrity of 2009

Cristine Reyes is indeed the sexiest Pinay Celebrity of 2009 as confirmed by PCOnliners in the survey we've done last month. In the poll at the right side of PCO, out of 1490 respondents, Cristine Reyes got a total of 37%, followed by Angel Locsin at 26% and Anne Curtis / Marian Rivera on the 3rd spot with 23% each.

We've seen Cristine Reyes in the flesh and no doubt that she's the sexiest Pinay Celebrity of 2009. Very pretty and flawless indeed. And with that, here's Cristine Reyes' photos when she was declared as the sexiest women of 2009 by FHM Philippines.

5 more sexy Cristine Reyes photos inside ->

Sexy Cristine Reyes, pinay celebrity

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