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Paloma on Maxim Special Edition - Is this the Sept-Oct Issue?

I was malling the other day in Megamall when I passed by this magazine store. A quick glance and I happen to see this Maxim Edition. At first, I thought it was just some old edition of Maxim Philippines, knowing that it is on the verge of death [Maxim Philippines - Dead?]. But it doesn't look like an old issue. I moved a little closer and confirmed that it wasn't an old one. Is that Paloma? Looks like she really is the one.

So Maxim Philippines has come up with a Maxim Special Collection Edition - with 45 of the Hottest Women from the first 2 years in never before seen photos. Uhmmmm. I wonder it implies? Are they going to stop the print edition? Or they're simply having a revamp with the editorial and stuff. If anyone from Maxim or ABS-CBN is seeing this, your comments are very much welcome.

Paloma on Latest Issue of Maxim Philippines

Download Paloma's photos in this issue of Maxim here -

Courtesy of Garci Scans

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