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Justine Ferrer of Survivor Philippines Palau, A Transvestite

It's confirmed How true are the rumors that Justine Ferrer, one of the castaways in Survivor Philippines Palau is a transvestite. Whoa! Upon hearing the rumor, we were throttled. Wahhh. What we did was we quickly checked her photos and from the looks of it, does she have a resemblance of a man's face?

By the way, 'transvestite' means a person who has undergone s-e-x change. In the case of Justine (assuming that it's true), he's a man who decided to be a complete woman.

According to the facebook profile of Survivor Philippines Palau, we shouldn't miss tonight's episode coz the biggest revelation and the biggest twist will be revealed. Many were already speculating that the 'secret' of Justine will be the biggest revelation while the biggest twist will be that of Teacher Carol. Tonight's episode will be a 1 hour special so we better stick to our television for that purpose.

Looking at Justine's profile, looks like there was really a hint of her "uniqueness".

Justine Ferrer worked in Japan as a singer at the age of 19 and since then has become a breadwinner of the family.

As a businesswoman, Justine helped her father in a buy-and-sell business and managed a baby ultrasound company.

To physically prepare for Survivor Philippines Palau, Justine enhanced her skills by enrolling in a swim school, but most of all she invested on a lot of rest and vitamins.

She has also prepared emotionally for the experiences ahead of her on the island.

“Alam ko na ang buhay sa isla ay unusual, puwede kang masaktan, masugatan at magutom kaya inihanda ko na ang sarili ko,”Justine said.

Justine believes that her “uniqueness” is the key for her to become a Castaway.

“I think I was chosen because they are curious about what’s really inside of me and my behavior,” Justine said.

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