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Jef Gaitan Photos When Young - Survivor Philippines Palau Participant

One of my early favorites in Survivor Philippines 2 - Palau is Jef Gaitan. Her real name is Jeffrey Mairim Gaitan (at least that's according to her friendster profile). Strange name if its true.

Jef Gaitan has done some posing with Mossimo, Globe and other prints mostly bikinis. Looking at her, no one would really think that she can survive being in a remote island.

Let's just hope that there's more in you. Not just beauty on the surface but a real survivor personality deep within.

Hope to see more of you in Survivor Philippines 2 - Palau.

Check 4 photos of Jef Gaitan in Bikini and Kamison when she's a lot younger inside ->

Jef Gaitan Sexy

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