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Girls of Survivor Philippines 2: Palau

PCOnliners, make way for the Girls of Survivor Philippines 2 - Palau. Finally, this time they now have photos for us to see.

8 girls are now participating in Survivor Philippines 2 - Palau. In alphabetical order:

  1. Amanda Colley Van Cooll, 25, CONSTRUCTION WORKER (MINDORO)
  2. Carol Gementiza, 45, Public School Teacher (ILOILO)
  3. Echo Caceres, 20, Call Center Agent (BICOL)
  4. Jef Gaitan, 22, Print and Commercial Model (LAGUNA)
  5. Justine Ferrer, 29, Businesswoman (CALOOCAN)
  6. Maya Segovia, 32, Military Officer (BATANGAS)
  7. Mika Batchelor, 25, Chef and Restaurant Owner (PALAWAN)
  8. Tara Macias, 19, Korean English Tutor (CEBU)
Check for the individual photo of the Girls of Survivor Philippines 2 - Palau inside ->

Girls of Survivor Philippines 2 - Palau

Amanda, probinsyanong Tisay hails from Alaska and works as a construction worker.

>Carol Gementiza, the "istriktong guro" for 20 years, is the oldest among the Castaways of Survivor Philippines: Palau.

Echo Caceres is the "spicy Bicolana" who works as a call center agent.

Jef Gaitan, a student and part-time model who has appeared in several TV commercials, is tagged as the "girl next door." At 18, she decided to become truly independent and she stopped studying to focus on her modeling career.

Justine Ferrer is the "beauty queen" who manages her own business. As a businesswoman, Justine helped her father in a buy-and-sell business and managed a baby ultrasound company.

Maya Segovia, a lady pilot, is also a mom. Maya has been a pilot for seven years and she believes that it is her destiny to be a part of the profession ruled by men.

Mika Batchelor is the "sexy chef" from Coron, Palawan. Among her adventurous hobbies include surfing, sailing and rock–climbing.

Tara Jane Macias, the sister of Chev Macias, last season's contestant who was eliminated first. At the age of 16, when their father passed away and their family business had to be closed down, Tara imposed upon herself to be self–supporting and to help her family get back on its feet. She has been working as an English language tutor to Koreans as well as a call center representative.

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