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Episode 1 : Survivor Philippines 2 Palau

I was able to watch the Episode 1 of Survivor Philippines 2 - Palau yesternight. Being a fan of Survivor itself as well as the first Survivor Philippines 1, I knew I had to watch this one.

Episode 1 is basically the get to know part. There were 16 survivors coming from different parts of the Phils. Each one with a personality of his own. One by one, they were introduced by Paolo Bediones in between what's going on. My attention was quickly taken by some known personalities. There's Cris Bolado, a former PBA Player. Then, there's Jef Gaitan whom I've seen in some print ads.

The survivors were, later on divided into 2 groups, Koror and Airai. Each group were then given map for the first challenge The Ammo Crate Trek. The winning group will get the island necessities they could use. The losing team will get only a bolo. Airai won the first challenge.

At this early point of the game, I'd say that Koror has a big problem. Looks like everybody has their say. And teacher Carol, I really feel that she'll be the first to be eliminated.

How bout the girls of Survivor Phils Palau? Definitely better than the first. Personal favorites were Jef Gaitan, Justine, Maika and Amanda. We'll definitely keep an eye on each of them.

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