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Casts of Darna - Women Only

The casts of Darna - Women Only version. Of course, there's Marian Rivera as Darna. Villains include Iwa Moto as Valentina, Ehra Madrigal as Babaing Lawin (reminds me of Alwina in Mulawin), Babaing Tuod played by Francine Prieto, Nadine Samonte as Impakta with matching Tiyanak and Maggie Wilson as Babaing Linta. Oh, there's also Paolo Contis as Kobra.

If you'll sum this darna casts, looks like that GMA heroes were transformed into villains. Take the case of Babaing Lawin from Mulawin and Kobra from Kamandag. I wonder where the other villains came from.

13 more photos from the Casts of Darna in PCO inside ->

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