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Marian Rivera on Rogue Magazine July 2009

Marian Rivera is the latest cover girl of Rogue Magazine for July 2009. A lot of you are probably wondering why Marian Rivera hasn't appeared on FHM Philippines. Here's a little explanation coming from FHM's editor in chief.

"Let's not get too embroiled in all the controversies Marian has gotten herself into after shooting to stellar fame in Marimar, let YES and take care of that. Neither should we be punishing ourselves too much that, a year we declared her our No. 1 babe. she still hasn't appeared on our cover - we have the morality clause in her endorsements deals to blame for that. Instead, we continuously look for that one thing we found most appealing in the first place and we love about her each time."

So that's it. There are some morality clause in her endorsement deals. Hopefully those will change overtime. But before that happens, here's a little preview of Marian Rivera courtesy of Rogue Magazine.

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Marian Rivera Rogue July 2009

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