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FHM 100 Sexiest Party 2009 Photos Batch 2

Here's Batch 2 of FHM 100 Sexiest Party 2009 Photos.

Jaime Joaquin did the mc-ing the whole night. I think she did a good job filling-in while they prepare for each numbers. Although there were times I felt she was a little boring, peace! Good thing, we liked her outfits. She must have had 4-5 outfits the entire night.

The second part was presentation of each colleges - that is the sponsors. Each sponsors have their own set of models with varying theme. GBX was led by Iwa Moto, Jennifer Lee and Hershey in their nurse/medical attendant attire. Dance numbers were also given by Bangs Garcia, Carlene Aguilar who's very pretty (I really like her), Paw Diaz (flawless) and Aubrey Miles. Paloma also had a walk on the ramp (forgot which group).

Of all the presentations, my personal favorite was that of Premiere experiments - the body painting thing. Guess don't have to elaborate on that. :D. At the last part, all of the models made their way to the ramp for the graduation rites.

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