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Bealicious - The Talk of the Town Bea Alonzo in 2 Pc Bikini

I'm not sure if it was on the Buzz or Entertainment Live where we heard about this news that, Bea Alonzo's photos in 2 pc Bikini were published in an entertainment magazine. Now here it is. Bea Alonzo in 2 pc. Bikini.

Looking closely at the scanned photo, makes me think that somehow, Bea Alonzo's photos where photochopped. Where? Look closely at her love handles, the curves were exaggerated to the extent of creating a steep triangular curve. Although I must say that whoever did them, he's pretty consistent. He was able to make the same curve chop on the other photos where her curves are within eyes reach. Or probably it's just the pathetic me. Sorry, but I don't think Bea can have those steepy curves that fast.

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