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Yasmien Kurdi vs. Baron Geisler in Another Scandalous Act

And Baron Geisler did it again in another act that would probably go down as "Yasmien Kurdi and Baron Geisler Scandal". This time with the very wholesome graduate of Starstruck Yasmien Kurdi. Baron Geisler now face charges of "Acts of Lasciviousness" and "Unjust Vexation".

The story. Yasmien Kurdi and Baron Geisler are currently working on an upcoming primetime teleserye "Suspetsa". According to reports, Baron took advantage of Yasmien by touching her privates and even masturbat3d in front of Yasmien. The reason, we can only guess that he's drunk as usual again. The PA of Yasmien was supposedly able to record the incident with a camera phone (hmmm, another scandal in the making).

Check the detailed story here ->


THE INCIDENT IN DETAIL. Asked why Baron would do that, the source answered: "Si Baron parang wala sa sarili. Una, nagla-laptop si Yas [Yasmien's nickname]. 'Tapos nakikitingin lang si Baron. 'Tapos kinalkal [ni Baron] gamit ni Yas. Noong nagpapahinga na si Yas sa tent niya para matulog, tinabihan bigla ni Baron. Niyakap siya. After no'n, while on take, dapat beso lang daw yung scene, pero tina-try siya halikan."

In a scene where Yasmien, who was wearing a dress, was supposed to go up a spiral staircase, Baron, according to the source, waited for Yasmien to go up "para silipan."

After the take, Baron, said the source, masturbated in front of Yasmien. More of the story here.

This will surely put Baron Geisler on the edge as he still has pending case with Patricia Martinez, the daughter of former actor William Martinez.

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