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RR Enriquez in FHM Philippines June 2009

Exactly a year after RR Enriquez posted for Maxim's Cover, she's now back on the cover of another men's magazine FHM Philippines for June 2009 edition. Yes, that's RR Enriquez on the cover of FHM June 2009.

I know I know. She doesn't look like RR Enriquez. I don't know what's with the graphic artists of FHM being too much enhanced addicts. This is actually not the first. In fact, they're very famous in enhancing not only the face, but the body parts as well. Mariel Rodriguez is very frank how her bumpers were enhanced. (FHM Dec 2008). Even Iwa Moto's body were slashed (FHM Sept 2008).

Just to show you how RR Enriquez really looked like, check RR's FHM Cover vs. RR's Maxim Cover a year ago. ->

RR Enriquez FHM June 2009

RR Enriquez comparison on FHM and Maxim

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