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Aiko Climaco - My Newest Crush on the Block

Her name is Aiko Climaco - I always see this girl in Banana Split and Wowowee before but I don't know her name that time yet. All I know is that she's part of the ASF Dancers and would always dance in Banana Split. I've already made a post of her with RR Enriquez Photos in Hong Kong by simply referring to her as RR's friend.

But now that I know your name - Aiko Climaco, this post is solely for you. We just wish that you'll get your break in Kapamilya Network. Beauties like you don't stay dancing forever. Who knows, you might be a star in the making.

Calling Maxim, FHM, Playboy or UNO. We're actually launching a signature campaign for Aiko Climaco on your covers. Hear us out!

More Aiko Climaco photos inside ->

Disclaimer: the guys in the photos are in no way related to the staff of Pinay Celebrity Online :D

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