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Regine Angeles and the Lucky Guy in Tayong Dalawa

I'm so glad that Regine Angeles is once again back on primetime television. If you've been watching "Tayong Dalawa" of Kapamilya channel, you know what I'm talking about.

So what's so special about Regine Angeles? Ever since she started in Be Bench Model Search, my eyes were already fixated on her. That's why you can only imagine how hurt I am about her role in Tayong Dalawa. She's like part of a syndicate gang and past-time girl of Baron. On the side, she has this secret forbidden relationship/affair with Coco Martin-Gerald Anderson's brother in the telenovela.

That guy is very lucky indeed. As far as I can remember, he's the first kissing partner of Regine Angeles on TV. Or I maybe wrong, please correct me if I am. Ooh well, we can only admire so much.

More Regine Angeles and Coco Martin scene from Tayong Dalawa inside ->

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