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Dylan UNO Magazine Jan-Feb 2009 Music Issue

After the long wait, UNO Magazine's Jan-Feb issue is here. And to the one who guessed in the Teaser, you got it right. It's no other than Dylan, the TV Host and Rock DJ who's on the cover. Let's repeat that. Dylan is UNO's Jan-Feb 2009 Music Issue Covergirl. And this is supposed to be the debut issue for new Editor-In-Chief RJ Ledesma.

Who's Dylan anyway? Karen, a.k.a. Dylan is the lovely host of Jack TV and DJ of radio station NU107, which plays rock/alternative music.

What to expect in this issue? Check UNO's Jan-Feb 2009 inside story ->

Dylan UNO Magazine Jan Feb 2009 Music Issue

Sorry to disappoint you guyz, UNO hasn't send us any inside photos of Dylan. But here's a list of what you can expect in this Jan-Feb 2009 Music Issue.

  • Best New Music for 2009
  • Tony Leviste on Behind Bars
  • Vanessa Chong of The Amazing Race Asia
  • Brazilian Model Karina Donasolo
  • About White Meat by Yvette Tan

and a lot more... Grab your copy now. Available in your favorite magazine stands.

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