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Rin on the Rox - Latest Pinay Sensation on Youtube

Have you watched the news on TV Patrol and Bandila regarding the latest Pinay singing sensation on Youtube known as Rin on the Rox. Erin Paula and Roxanne were pinay bestfriends based in California. What made their music so unique aside from their voice is that they usually sing in the bathroom, cool eh, hehe.

I won't be surprised if most of Rin on the Rox followers are male. Not only they got great voice, but great bodies as well. Hope that they will come visit the Philippines after they guest on The Ellen DeGeneres show. And one more thing, Roxanne has a great resemblance to Rosanna Roces, don't you think? My friend HardAndAngry thinks more of Paula Abdul. And Rin looks like the younger version of Isay Alvarez.

Here are some of my favorites Rin on the Rox rendition. More inside ->

If I Were a Boy by Beyonce - Rin on the Rox version

Please Don't Stop the Music by Rihana

Reflections from the movie Mulan

Rox looked very sexy here. It's her favorite spag strap, I think, hehe.

You may check the rest of their videos in their YouTube channel - Hiphoprox

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