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Marian Rivera in Shake, Rattle, and Roll 10 + Trailer

Amidst the controversy that Marian Rivera is pregnant, we'd like to cool it off with her upcoming movie Shake, Rattle and Roll 10. Last night she denied that she's pregnant and since we believe her, we'll close it with that for now hoping that she's really not. She has a very wonderful career and it will be completely wasted if any of the said rumors are true.

Anyway, Marian Rivera plays the role of Nieves in the upcoming Shake, Rattle and Roll 10 as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2008. Its amazing that Shake, Rattle and Roll reached its 10th sequel. Wanna know why? Our educated guess tells us that the producer doesn't want to think of titles every year that's why they just simply add a digit at the end. Haha.

More photos of Marian Rivera in Shake Rattle and Roll 10 inside ->

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