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Jennifer Lee Simple and Sexy Pictures

I first seen Jennifer Lee in one of the Christmas Bazaars in World Trade Center some years ago. And I must say that I easily got attracted to her simplicity and uniqueness among the Viva Hot Babes during that time.

I must be really lucky that time coz at the end of the program, they have an autograph signing and incidentally, I have brought my camera with me. Very lucky, I was murmuring to myself.

At the line, I quickly got some photos of her. And at last, it was my turn to have pictures with her. I asked my friend to get the camera and take a photo. We posed, ever smiling with my teeth up to my ears. The first clicked didn't work. It was turned off. The 2nd click, red was blinking already. OMG, I was sweating fearing the worst. And I wasn't wrong. Ran out of battery. Sigh.

Lesson of the story: Always bring a back up battery.

More photos of Jennifer Lee inside ->

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