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Cristine Reyes Maxim December 2008

Looks like Santa is giving us an early gift in the form of Maxim Philippines December. You wanna know why? Nah, its nothing. Its just Cristine Reyes on the cover of Maxim Philippines December 2008 Issue. What more could you ask for this Christmas?

The last time we've seen Cristine Reyes on the cover of mens magazine was in FHM August 2007 issue. Other than that, we regularly see her on Banana Split (Christine Reyes on Banana Split). Here on Pinay Celebrity Online, she's a regular topnotcher with her Topless Scandal (Cristine Reyes Topless Photo Scandal). Her behind the scene shoot with (Boob cage in full view) is also in the top 10.

Probably the same reason why her Eva Fonda starrer was postponed from August to December. So that it will coincide with her on the cover of Maxim Philippines December. Very strategic move I must say. Oh well, these are not yet her Maxim photos, but we'll surely update you once we get a hand of it.

Another sexy photo of Cristine Reyes inside ->

Cristine Reyes Maxim 1
Cristine Reyes Maxim 2

Cristine Reyes Maxim 3

Cristine Reyes Maxim Photo

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