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Christine Reyes in Banana Split

What's in it with Cristine Reyes that she's very popular in Pinay Celebrity Online. If you'll notice on the right side 'Popular Pages Today', she's always seen on the number 2 spot. And it's been like weeks or months already.

Here are my theory why she's very popular:

  1. Because of her Topless Scandal Photos with Joross Gamboa even before her Starstruck Days.
  2. Because of her beautiful face and a body to die for.
  3. Because she's been linked not only to one but several personalities in showbiz like Janno Gibbs, Willie Revillame and Dennis Trillo
  4. Because of her naughty look.
  5. Because of her dimples.
I personally think its number 5, haha. How bout you, which it is?

4 more Cristine Reyes Banana Split photos inside ->

Christine Reyes 1

Christine Reyes 2
Christine Reyes 3
Christine Reyes 4
Christine Reyes 5

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