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Rufa Mae Quinto on Rogue Magazine October 2008

We thought Rogue Magazine was a goner. It's been October 13 and we haven't seen any shadow of this monthly publication. Good thing that our fear didn't come true. Coz' Rogue Magazine finally came out with Rufa Mae Quinto with an Ape Man on the Cover.

Entitled, 'The Shocking Truth: Scandal - Rufa Mae Quinto with an Ape man". I wonder who are they referring to. Is it one of the men Rufa Mae had gone with? Hope not. Coz we couldn't figure out who would fit with the ape man description. Oh well, just wait for the inside pages of this magazine, we'll surely share it with you all.

Rogue Magazine October 2008 - Rufa Mae Quinto.

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