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Ellen Adarna UNO October 2008

Guess who's back on UNO Magazine Cover? It's no other than Numero UNO Hottest Girl of 2008 Ellen Adarna. To date, this is the most daring photoshoot of Ellen Adarna so far.

UNO Magazine's October 2008 Edition features David Bowie, the quintessential Shapeshifting Rock Immortal, with article on Dana White vs. Billionaire Mark Cuban. The mysterious Hadron Collider can also make you wonder if he can replicate the creation of The Big Bang theory as scientists play God.

More Hot Fashion in action plus the Most Dangerous position to try - Backseat Sex. More of these on UNO Magazine October 2008 Edition.

Now available on your favorite Magazine stands. Watch out for more photos as we wait for the official email from UNO Magazine itself.

Another first from Pinay Celebrity Online.

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