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Angelica Panganiban Photos in The Buzz

Photos of Angelica Panganiban in The Buzz. I must say that Angelica got a big break in playing the villain in "Iisa Pa Lamang". Her character floats as she tries to outwit Claudine Barretto. I was just a bit disappointed in one of the episodes last week where Claudine, upon seeing the body of Rafael's mom had to get the gun knowing that the victim is unconcious and bloody.

Disgusting plot. Don't they have quality control? Didn't the director check that scene? It's like seeing Titanic sinking yet you had to touch the icebergs to check if its really cold. Grow up people, your audience weren't born yesterday.

Sorry for that, I got carried away. 4 more photos of Angelica Panganiban inside =>.

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