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We're starting to Love Wendy Valdez' in Betty La Fea

First of all, we're not much of a Wendy Valdez' fan but we'veseen her in Pinoy Big Brother cry and flirt on reality TV. We've also witnessed how she was booed during the presentation of PBB Big 4 in Araneta. We've even thought that she wouldn't have a showbiz career after that incident.

But seeing her in Betty La Fea as the secretary of Armando, it's hard to admit, but we're beginning to love her 'bobita' and 'maldita' attitude. We think this is a big break for Wendy Valdez bagging the role of Patricia coz her character is surely noticeable in this telenovela.

Keep it up Wendy. You're starting to be one of our pinay celebrity to watch for.

More Wendy Valdez' photos inside =>

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