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Daiana / Diana Meneses of Eat Bulaga Photos

One of the most commonly misspelled names in the showbiz. Probably a lot of you are searching for Diana Meneses where it should have been Daiana Menezes. (To the people who requested this, feast your eyes).

So who is Daiana Menezes? If you're a regular of Eat Bulaga, then for sure, you know her. For those who don't, she's a Brazilian model who's a regular of Eat Bulaga. If my memory serves me right, she replace another Brazilian model named Arianney.

A lot of thanks to Albert Goquingco for letting us post these wonderful photos. Seeing all these photos only strengthens my desire to be a photographer myself. Can I be your assistant Sir Albert? Don't forget to check Albert Goquingco Multiply site. He has a lot more interesting photos in there.

8 more exciting Daiana Menezes Photos inside =>

Diana Meneses Photo 1Diana Meneses Photo 2Diana Meneses Photo 3

Diana Meneses Photo 4Diana Meneses Photo 5Diana Meneses Photo 6Diana Meneses Photo 7Diana Meneses Photo 8
Diana Meneses Photo 9
Diana Meneses Photo 10
Diana Meneses Photo 11

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