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Rogue August 2007 Cover is Maike Evers

Who is Maike Evers you may asked? Is she worthy to be Rogue Philippines August 2007 Cover Girl?

Maike Evers is a fashion model and former MTV VJ born and raised in Australia to a German father and a Filipino mother. Evers is one of the more recognizable faces in the world of modeling in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia and in China.

Maike Evers on Rogue Magazine

She has done extensive television work, appearing in ads for various beauty products and shampoo brands in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and China. She also has graced numerous print ads and magazines in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia including ELLE Thailand.

Evers had a brief stint as one of the video jocks on MTV Philippines. She is currently continuing her university studies in Australia, majoring in Social Science while she continues to do modeling work during her free time.

Maike Evers Photo 1

Maike Evers Photo 2
Maike Evers Photo 3
Maike Evers Photo 4
Rouge Philippines August 2007
cover courtesy of Kaniyugan Mentality
Maike Evers photos from

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