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Angel Locsin on Folded and Hung - Additional Photos

When the news that Angel Locsin posed Topless in Folded and Hung came out, everyone went crazy. Suddenly search engines were flooded with searches like "angel locsin nude photos", "angel locsin topless photos" even "angel locsin scandal". Just only to be frustrated that Angel Locsin is not the topless that most of us are expecting.

Well, how could you expect Angel Locsin, a highly paid actress go on topless just that. Trending says, most stars only go "bold" and "topless" when they have no more project offers. It's like a desperate move as one may say.

But then again, even though we were dissappointed with the Topless Photos of Angel Locsin, we still love her as ever.

Enjoy as you check the remaining photos of Angel Locsin in Folded and Hung. 15 more photos inside.

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