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The 2nd Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) Photos Batch 1

Last August 21-24 is the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show at the World Trade Center in Pasay. And what do you get on a usual Motor Show? Cars of course, hehe. Nah.. Cars are given but what the main reason why we would want to be there is because of the Girls.

Yes, whenever there is an Auto Show or a Motor show, expect to see lots of babes. It's been proven thru history that the cars comes best with babes. Probably because another reason for buying a car is picturing that you can have a beautiful girl beside you on the drive seat. The same reason that sometimes men tend to buy these cars is because of the influence they get from these babes.

Warning, cause there's a lot of photos inside. Remind you that this is for Batch 1 only. Expect more in Batch 2. Ciao! Enjoy.

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