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Ruffa Gutierez & Anabel Rama Scandal

A couple of years ago, we were shocked by different scandals that Ruffa Gutierez was part of. One of those is the topless photo of Ruffa that proliferate the net. We're not even sure if the body was really hers, but according to the story, it was taken during one of the girls' party / shower party where Ruffa was too drunk to many.

Then, a few years back, it was her mother Anabel Rama who was in the frontier of controversies. Why? It just happen that her vintage topless photos was brought up and again, was in every email. If you can't relate to what we're saying, read the whole story and check out a photo comparison of Ruffa's and Anabel's mammary glands.

Latest photos of Ruffa Gutierez

Side by side comparison of Ruffa Gutierez and Anabel Rama. Who do you think has the best assets?

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