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Nancy Castiliogne - Jane on Maxim Philippines Jan 2008 Cover

These are scanned photos of Nancy Castiliogne - Jane in Maxim Philippines 2008. You must be wondering, what's the word "Jane" doing after Castiliogne. It's actually her new screen name, from Nancy Castiliogne to Nancy Jane. Strange move or a wise move?

More Scanned photos after the JUMP

Let's dissect the probable cause that gave her the urge to change name.

  1. Probably because her boyfriend is having a hard time memorizing the spelling of her surname.
  2. Maybe because net surfers couldn't check her online, mostly misspelled surname - that's why she's not appearing in search engines.
  3. Probably she consulted a feng shui expert and advised her that Jane is luckier than Castiliogne.
  4. Or simply because she had a dream that she'll change her surname the next day, which she actually did.

Whatever her reasons are, only she knows what. Or if anyone actually read or heard something about this, please enlighten us by commenting on this post.


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